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Capital Lab offers services which support the responsible and trustworthy financial advisory. We argue that only in this way financial companies can ensure the trust and long-term relationship with their clients. The services of Capital Lab are built on three levels. Firstly, we create the tech-solutions  which allow financial advisors to test clients’ risk-levels and allocate appropriate financial instruments. Secondly, we support the advisory services by doing a solid research  on financial markets and instruments. Finally, we provide an educational platform  which supports client education on key investment principles, in order to manage their expectations whilst communicating the true value of advice.

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Our job is to simplify yours. Using new technologies and innovative solutions, created in our research lab, we offer you support in determining the appropriate investment strategies for your clients in a simple, transparent and automated way.

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Capital Lab connects academics as well professionals from finance, IT and compliance to create the best products for your business to thrive. This combination allows us to create intelligent investment solutions. We stand for excellence, new technology and innovation. Benefit from our solutions!

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Remember: Investing in capital markets carries with it its own degree of risk and it does not guarantee the realisation of predetermined investment goals, neither the reward of certain investment results.

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